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Cyber Security

As a response to recent events, we would like to provide a friendly reminder regarding Cyber Security and Cyber Liability Insurance. Hackers and scammers are active as well as abundant; there are many ways for these attackers to target businesses, but the most common ones are phishing scams and key-loggers. Phishing scams are when attackers pose as a client and/or vendor in an attempt to pry sensitive information and money. Key-loggers are programs that stores your keyboard inputs to steal usernames, passwords, and other data. Attackers are relentless; as soon as they see an opportunity, they will steal money, information, and even harm your clients. Please read emails carefully and if you see or feel any red flags, such as an unclear attachment, an out-of-place request, or even improper grammar, do not open the email or any attachments. Contact the person and wait to confirm the message before proceeding any further.

While these precautionary measures may prevent most attacks, everyone makes mistakes and sometimes it may simply be out of your control. This is where Cyber Liability Insurance comes in handy. This insurance covers both Employee Errors and Cyber Attacks from hackers and thieves. It extends to cover costs of digital assets (if stolen or damaged), public relation expenses (if clients were targeted), and even legal fees and settlements. Most, if not all, companies are at risk, but companies who process credit cards and hold personal identifiable information of employees and/or clients have more to lose. If you don't already have Cyber Liability Insurance, please contact us at 212-641-0429 x1001 or email for any questions and/or concerns.

Thank you and stay safe,
Dominic Piccirillo

Dominic Piccirillo